28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Atlantic Ragagar
Atlantic Ragagar
Atlantic Ragagar
Atlantic Ragagar

Atlantic Ragagar

director: Gilles Aubry
original title: Atlantic Ragagar
country: Switzerland
year: 2022
running time: 31 min.


The Sidi Bouzid beach near the Moroccan port city of El Jadida is famed for its crystal-clear sear and extraordinary biodiversity. There are dozens of species of algae. However, some of them are used by pharmaceutic and food companies to produce agar powder. The nearby factories producing canned fish and phosphate fertilizer pollute water and air. This documentary uses performative interventions which erase the distinction between the human and the natural to explore the multilayered relationship of the locals to the ecosystem which is a source of both awe and their livelihood.

“He is the one who subjected the sea for you to eat tender flesh from it and to extract from it ornaments which you wear.”

Source: An inscription on a Shafei emblem quoted in the film


Gilles Aubry (* 1973) is a Swiss sound artist, musician and researcher based in Berlin. His art is based on a performative approach to field sound recordings and historical sources. He often cooperates with other artists and researchers. His approach to recording and listening practices is critical and takes into account their aspect of power.

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director: Gilles Aubry
cast: Younes Boundir, Imane Zoubai
producer: Gilles Aubry
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