28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid

Cisco Kid

director: Emily Kaye Allen
original title: Cisco Kid
country: United States
year: 2022
running time: 84 min.


In the midst of a vast desert in the American West lie the abandoned ruins of a ghost town. A young person, Eileen, decided to leave the hectic hustle and bustle of modern life to live there and dedicate their life to hard work. During the day, they repair the crumbling houses in the town, at night they sleep in their trailer. They meet many locals and travelers with whom they share both their joys and doubts. The longitudinal documentary works as a double portrait: a portrait of a person defying society’s ideas and a portrait of a place living in the past, full of idiosyncratic figures and fascinating life stories.


Emily Kaye Allen lives in New York. She is a film director, cinematographer, and editor. She also takes documentary photographs and leads workshops for beginning filmmakers. In her work, she explores the transition between various media within the context of the documentary genre. Cisco Kid (2022) is her feature-length film debut.

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director: Emily Kaye Allen
producer: Elise McCave, Shannon Fitzpatrick
photography: Emily Kaye Allen
editing: Emily Kaye Allen
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