26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A house
A house
A house
A house

A house

director: Judith Auffray
original title: Une maison
country: France, Switzerland
year: 2019
running time: 81 min.


An observational documentary that focuses on the Tentative Association, which helps young people with autism develop independence and socialization skills. Seven autistic people live in a big house and, together with their helpers, they fill their days with household tasks. Community coexistence offers a way for the inhabitants of the house to achieve their desired goals and the sharing of everyday work becomes the primary source of narrative. The film is a careful observation of life in this house. Actions and behaviors speak for themselves, giving space to the primary figures, not to those who make decisions about their lives.


"Thanks to the camera, I was able to get close to the inhabitants of the house. It acted as a kind of a screen between us, a way to avoid direct contact - which is problematic for some autistic people. When I looked at the LCD screen or directly into the optical viewfinder, I was able to really get close to them, which would be impossible with a direct gaze.” J. Auffray, FID interview


French director Judith Auffray studied film at HEAD Géneve. Between 2016 and 2019, she shot several films in the area of the Cevenny Mountains, where A House takes place. The film is her feature debut.

more about film

director: Judith Auffray
producer: Delphine Jeanneret, Judith Auffray
photography: Judith Auffray
editing: Judith Auffray
sound: Judith Auffray
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