28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Dunaj of Consciousness
Dunaj of Consciousness
Dunaj of Consciousness

Dunaj of Consciousness

director: David Butula
original title: Dunaj vědomí
country: Czech Republic
year: 2019
running time: 83 min.


Members of the Brno alternative rock legend Dunaj (Danube) meet after several years, determined to forget their grievances and disagreements of the past to perform a concert in the Romanian city of Banat, where they still have a strong fan base. On the way there, they take a boat down the Danube River, whose waves and mysterious nature evokes memories of the past among the band members and reflections on their careers, helped out by a meeting with former member Iva Bittová. The poetically infused film reveals the backstage of the band and, accompanied by the captivating tones of Dunaj’s songs, paints a complex portrait of the legendary music group.

“Former members of the Dunaj band, now twenty years older, meet to find out they don’t have to do anything. They just want to let something special flourish, something created mainly by their being together. All the original pieces come together to create something compellingly impressive again.” D. Butula


Documentary filmmaker, dramaturg, and musician David Butula (1976) worked as head of production in the Brno studio of Czech Television. He also worked as a councilor for culture, tourism, and sport for the Brno-center district. He organizes cultural festivals, is a member of a band, and is currently director of the South Moravian branch of Post Bellum - Memory of the Nation.

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director: David Butula
producer: Jan Hubáček, Zdenka Kujová, Dušan Mulíček
photography: Stanislav Adam
editing: Hana Dvořáčková
music: Dunaj
sound: Jiří Kubík, Petr Stuhlík, Ondřej Gášek, Ladislav Mirvald
co-producer: Dušan Mulíček, David Butula
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