28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Many Lives of Édouard Louis
The Many Lives of Édouard Louis
The Many Lives of Édouard Louis
The Many Lives of Édouard Louis
The Many Lives of Édouard Louis

The Many Lives of Édouard Louis

director: François Caillat
original title: Édouard Louis, ou la transformation
country: France
year: 2023
running time: 71 min.


Édouard Louis comes from a poor family in the north-west of France. But, in less than a decade after the publication of his debut novel, The End of Eddy, he has become one of the leading figures on the French literary scene. The transformation of a boy from a proletarian background into a privileged Parisian intellectual with high cultural capital is one of the central lines of this biographical documentary. Louis is given the space to retell the story of his difficult childhood, adolescence and integration into a new social class in his own words. He introduces us to the landscape of his youth and to the act of writing, which for him is above all a means of crossing boundaries.

“Here is a young man who has not stopped transforming himself for twenty years. His entire career has been marked by renewal.” – François Caillat

Source: Outplay Films


François Caillat (1951) is a French director. He studied philosophy and also lectured on the subject for several years. For over twenty years, he has been making essayistic, often personal documentaries for television and cinema focusing mainly on the theme of the representation of the past. He is also the author of several documentary portraits of influential intellectuals.

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director: François Caillat
producer: Jacqueline Sigaar
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