28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Gen A: Do What You Love
Gen A: Do What You Love
Gen A: Do What You Love
Gen A: Do What You Love
Gen A: Do What You Love

Gen A: Do What You Love

director: Kryštof Zvolánek
original title: Generace A: Ať si každej dělá, co chce
country: Czech Republic
year: 2022
running time: 81 min.


Jakub Strach aka NobodyListen is a successful Czech DJ and music producer. A portrait of his life and work can be seen as a manifesto of the millennial club-going generation. After hundreds of shows and preparations for the upcoming, renowned Addict party, the DJ must deal with the consequences of inflicting a wound scarring his image. Footage from the club backstage mingles with scenes of everyday life in which NobodyListen ponders the dark sides of the club scene, like drugs and misogyny. During the shooting, the Covid pandemic strikes, revealing the insecurities of work in culture.

“I was no wonder child, and as it often goes in life, a great part has been filled by chance and luck.”

Source: Interview on the Aktuálně.cz, 30. 10. 2019. Available at: https://magazin.aktualne.cz/nobodylisten-drogy-dnes-teenagerum-prijdou-cool-oslavuji-je/r~6b347e0cf9aa11e982ef0cc47ab5f122/


Kryštof Zvolánek (b. 1991) graduated in applied IT, film editing at UTB Zlín and is currently a student of documentary filmmaking at FAMU. In his work, he often deals with environmental topics and is a member of the Remízek production association aimed at promoting civic rights through audiovisual works.

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director: Kryštof Zvolánek
producer: Matěj Kretík
script: Kryštof Zvolánek
photography: Kryštof Zvolánek
editing: Vadim Usoltsev
music: Jakub Strach
sound: Matěj Lindner
co-producer: Studio Famu
executive producer: Kryštof David
skladatel: Jan Macháček
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Město Jihlava
Kraj Vysočina
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