28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Adventures of Gigi the Law
The Adventures of Gigi the Law
The Adventures of Gigi the Law
The Adventures of Gigi the Law
The Adventures of Gigi the Law

The Adventures of Gigi the Law

director: Alessandro Comodin
original title: Gigi la legge
country: Italy, France, Belgium
year: 2022
running time: 102 min.


Pier Luigi, called Gigi, is a rural policeman who spends his days investigating minor offenses, flirting with a new colleague over the radio, and arguing with his neighbor about his overgrown garden. But one suicide case keeps him up at night, and he begins to investigate whether there is something more behind it. The slow narrative, absurd situations, and the protagonist’s character evoke European art films. The pleasant atmosphere of the unforced passage of time and the stories from the life of Gigi and the people around him create an engaging, empathetic, and at times dreamily poetic film. 

“A poetic comedic documentary reminiscing of Tati’s Mon Oncle.” — Cirriere della Sera

Source: https://shellacfilms.com/international-sales/gigi-la-legge


Italian director Alessandro Comodin (* 1982) studied literature in Bologna and then graduated from the Film Institute in Brussels. His short documentary Jagdfieber (2008) was screened in the Quinzaine des réalisateurs section at Cannes. His other films include Summer of Giacomo (2011) and Happy Times Will Come (2016), which were selected for the Locarno and Cannes festivals. The Adventures of Gigi the Law won the Special Jury Prize at the 2022 Locarno Film Festival.

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director: Alessandro Comodin
cast: Pier Luigi Mecchia, Ester Vergolini, Annalisa Ferrari, Tomaso Cecotto, Massimo Piazza
producer: Paolo Benzi
script: Alessandro Comodin
photography: Tristan Bordmann
editing: João Nicolau
sound: Julien Courroye
co-producer: Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Hélène Le Cœur, Alice Lemaire, Sébastien Andres
art director: Tiziana De Mario
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