28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Godard Cinema
Godard Cinema

Godard Cinema

director: Cyril Leuthy
original title: Godard, seul le cinéma
country: France
year: 2022
running time: 90 min.


This multi-layered portrait of Jean-Luc Godard shows the world of one of the pioneers of the French New Wave as a laboratory of ideas. In the maze of his parallel lives, we meet him as a star who burst into the world of film, as a left-wing radical and advocate of Maoism, and as an experimenter with new technologies through which he reinvents the medium of film. Despite the hectic activity of the director, who made over 140 films, Godard’s portrait has a subtly nostalgic tone. Part of his world is solitude, which, according to documentary filmmaker Cyril Leuthy, is necessary to create a work of art.

“In all my films, there is something about loneliness. It is something that interests me because perhaps I feel it too. Perhaps it is a good way to reach and touch the audience… to be an artist, you need loneliness.”

Source: https://businessdoceurope.com/venice-ff-godard-seul-le-cinema-by-cyril-leuthy/ 


Cyril Leuthy is a French documentary filmmaker and editor. In 2002, he graduated from Le Fémis Film School in Paris. His feature debut was The Night Is Fading (2015). Leuthy focuses on archival portraits of artists such as Maurice Chevalier and Jean-Pierre Melville.

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director: Cyril Leuthy
producer: Mathilde Lepostec
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