28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Good Old Czechs
Good Old Czechs
Good Old Czechs
Good Old Czechs
Good Old Czechs

Good Old Czechs

director: Tomáš Bojar
original title: Good Old Czechs
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
year: 2022
running time: 83 min.


František Fajtl and Filip Jánský were among the few Czechoslovak airmen who actively fought on all major European battlefronts during World War II and lived to tell the tale. This unique documentary edit, which combines authentic eyewitness accounts of historic events with little-known archival footage, examines various fates and places as well as the journeys associated with them. The resulting amalgam of images, speeches, and music/sound files is far from your typical historical illustration. A suggestive portrayal of life under bleak conditions, far away from home and on the cusp of death, unfolds before our very eyes.

“The moment I saw these two Czechoslovak airmen flash onscreen at the National Film Archive in a series of raw footage shot by director Jiří Weiss, I found that this wartime footage had an interesting way of tying in with the books written about both airmen.”

Source: https://protisedi.cz/trailer-good-old-czechs/


Tomáš Bojar (* 1981) is known for being the co-creator of RAPublic (2008) and Two Nil (2012), which he made in tandem with Pavel Abraham. Ji.hlava audiences might also remember Bojar for his film FC Roma (2016), co-directed by Rozálie Kohoutová, as well as his contribution to the docuseries The Magnificent Five (2017). Together with Adéla Komrzý, he directed the film Art Talent Show (2022).

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director: Tomáš Bojar
producer: Petr Soukup, Petra Ptáčková, Gordon Lovitt
script: Marek Šindelka, Tomáš Bojar
editing: Šimon Špidla
music: Stroon (Dalibor Kocian)
sound: Václav Flégl
co-producer: Henrieta Cvangová, Ladislav Švestka, Radomír Šofr, Ondrej Starinsky
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