28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM
Talks with TGM

Talks with TGM

director: Jakub Červenka
original title: Hovory s TGM
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
year: 2018
running time: 80 min.


Another contribution to the specific subgenre of animated history by the scriptwriter Pavel Kosatík. On 26 September 1928, Karel Čapek and President Masaryk meet in the gardens of Topolčianky castle to decide about the fate of their joint literary work. Their fiction film dialogue is based on quotes from a future book and their mutual correspondence, considerably freeing the original format of literary conversation from binding conventions. Čapek and Masaryk reproach and offend each other, but they also ask key personal questions and questions about the social functions of a writer and politician respectively.

“It’s a film about two extraordinary men; it’s about the fact that emotions can be sometimes more powerful than ideas even in such exceptional people.” J. Červenka


Jakub Červenka (1983) has been a film producer until now. He worked on TV documentaries such as We Are Not Angels, We’re Just Doing Their Work (2006), ROM. ID (2010), The Infant Jesus of Prague (2011), and produced the puppet film The Little Man (2015). He also works in advertising and makes video clips, mostly for hip-hop artists such as Supercrooo and Moja reč.

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director: Jakub Červenka
cast: Martin Huba, Jan Budař
producer: Jakub Červenka, Petr Kratochvíl
script: Pavel Kosatík
editing: Martin Palouš
sound: Josef Mašek
co-producer: Karel Janeček, Alexander Smik, Daniel Kachut
Ministerstvo kultury
Fond kinematografie
Město Jihlava
Kraj Vysočina
Creative Europe Media
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