28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Traces of a Landscape
Traces of a Landscape
Traces of a Landscape
Traces of a Landscape
Traces of a Landscape
Traces of a Landscape

Traces of a Landscape

director: Petr Záruba
original title: Jan Jedlička: Stopy krajiny
country: Czech Republic, Italy
year: 2020
running time: 67 min.


An immersive watercolour of the life of artist Jan Jedlička. The Czech painter, filmmaker and photographer emigrated to Switzerland in 1968 before making his second home in the desolate landscape of the Tuscan lowlands of Maremma. The empty palette of possibilities of internal exile gradually fills with enchanting paintings woven from a colorful mixture of shades of rocks, sediments, and pigments found in the landscape. The impressions of his new home, transferred ambiently onto canvas, photographs, and raw material of film, capture the inner sight and spiritual bond of an artist released from social structures, devoted only to his own work and life in a landscape of subdued light and shadow.
“Monitoring change is what interests me. There is no end result here, it evolves over time, it just keeps going.” J. Jedlička
Q&A - Petr Záruba, Alice Tabery:


Petr Záruba received degrees from the Faculty of Science at Charles University and the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU. He works as a director, cinematographer and film researcher. In his documentary work, he focuses on visual artists (Adriena Šimotová, Jiří John); his film about Jan Jedlička is his feature debut.

more about film

director: Petr Záruba
cast: Jan Jedlička
producer: Alice Tabery
photography: Miroslav Janek
editing: Pavel Kolaja
music: Jaroslav Kořán
sound: Vladimír Chrastil
co-producer: Ilaria Malagutti, Petr Kubica, Věra Krincvajová
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Kraj Vysočina
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