28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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One-room School
One-room School
One-room School
One-room School

One-room School

director: Petr Hátle
original title: Jednotřídka
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 52 min.


Grecia from Venezuela, Linda from Vietnam and Andriy from Ukraine are pupils of META, an inclusive school that supports the integration of young migrants into Czech society. Their families were brought to the Czech Republic by different circumstances and each of them has different ideas about their own future. While eighteen-year-old Andriy, an ambitious boxer, wants to become independent as soon as possible, and Grecia, an artistically gifted student, would like to get into an art high school, Linda is still not sure what she wants to do with her education and career. The time-lapse documentary engagingly captures an important stage in the lives of young people for whom not only the language barrier, but also the long-term lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic is an obstacle.


Q&A with Zuzana Papáčková:




Petr Hátle (1983) graduated from Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, and Documentary Production at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. During his studies he also completed an internship in Istanbul. His feature debut – a visual essay about Prague’s periphery, The Great Night (2013) – won the Best Czech Documentary Film Award at the Ji.hlava IDFF and the Main Prize in the Documentary Film Section at the Finále Plzeň Festival. His work is characterised by strong visuality. He is currently working on a feature film.

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director: Petr Hátle
producer: Alena Müllerová
script: Petr Hátle
editing: Mariana Kozáková
sound: Vojtěch Knot
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