28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Her Plot of Blue Sky
Her Plot of Blue Sky
Her Plot of Blue Sky
Her Plot of Blue Sky

Her Plot of Blue Sky

director: Kamila Kuc
original title: Her Plot of Blue Sky
country: United Kingdom, Morocco
year: 2023
running time: 22 min.


Residents of a retirement home in a Moroccan town film the world around them. For them, the camera is like a seagull in a blue sky, a promise of freedom and purification. It gives image and sound to their invisible lives. The poet and human rights activist Rachida Madani lends them a voice, washing away past traumas and offering hope for change.

“I see the moving image as a portal to ourselves and our shared experience as we inhabit different moments of collective presence.”

Source: Kamila Kuc's website


Kamila Kuc is a Polish filmmaker living in London, where she studied art and film history and psychotherapy. Her work combines experimental film, psychology and sociology. She deals with intergenerational traumas and environmental issues. She debuted with What We Shared (2021).

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director: Kamila Kuc
producer: Kamila Kuc
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