26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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We Are Without
We Are Without
We Are Without
We Are Without

We Are Without

director: SJ. Ramir
original title: We Are Without
country: Australia, New Zealand
year: 2020
running time: 3 min.


An unknown entity wanders through a constructed reality to the brink of nothingness - a town in the fog. The film evokes the shadows of a grainy black-and-white dystopian landscape, from which, however, we can see mere fragments, intertwined with shots of the details of male hands. Ramir’s films are characterized by his unique style, achieved through the use of special lens filters. 
We Are Without is a visual response to life, death and self-deception.” S.J. Ramir


S.J. Ramir began in film and photography, but today his focus is primarily on working with digital images. A common motif in his work is the landscape, whether real or created using 3D models. His films have also been regularly screened at the Ji.hlava Festival, most recently in 2017 with In This Valley of Respite, My Last Breath…

more about film

director: SJ. Ramir
cast: James Johnson
producer: SJ. Ramir
photography: SJ Ramir
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