28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Kambium 1492
Kambium 1492
Kambium 1492
Kambium 1492
Kambium 1492
Kambium 1492

Kambium 1492

director: Peter Kašpar, Denis Kozerawski
original title: Kambium 1492
country: Slovakia
year: 2022
running time: 24 min.


Rapper Čavalenky tells the story of the oak forest. A story of trees whose roots date back to the time before the Anthropocene and whose wood helped humanity achieve the most fundamental historical breakthroughs. Trees, whose value we perceive only through its market potential because they're only worth something to us when they're cut down, chopped, and sold.

“Trees are not silent. They're telling us what happened. Over the years, the memory of nature has become embedded in them.”


Peter Kašpar is a multimedia artist currently based in Bratislava. Outside of his artistic practice, he is part of the Sorrywecan platform and founder of the Humanoid research lab.
Denis Kozerawski is an artist currently based in Bratislava. Since 2012 he has been working as a researcher, artist, project manager and curator. In 2020 he initiated and co-founded the gallery A Promise of Kneropy. He has exhibited in many national and international exhibitions, the most recent being his participation in the Biennial Matter of Art 2022, where he and his collective presented their latest film Kambium 1492

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director: Peter Kašpar, Denis Kozerawski
script: Dominika Moravčíková, Tereza Dodoková, Andrea Bandíková, Peter Sit
photography: Denis Kozerawski
editing: Denis Kozerawski
music: Andrej Žabkay
sound: Martin Valihora - bicie
art director: Peter Sit
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