28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Jonathan Perel
original title: Camuflaje
country: Argentina
year: 2022
running time: 93 min.


A few years ago, Argentine novelist Félix Bruzzone bought a house near the sprawling Campo de Mayo military base near Buenos Aires. It was not a random choice: his mother was kidnapped and held there during the military junta’s rule in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The aim of the writer’s self-therapeutic mission is also to uncover the other dark secrets of the location. The idyllic countryside provides a stark contrast to the atrocities committed by the Argentine government, as recounted by local witnesses. From their accounts, Bruzzone composes a picture of a place that contributed significantly to the disruption of his family and the nation.

„The film is like a poem in the sense that it is not a movie that dwells on meticulous detail. It unfolds gradually, using symbolism to find ways, if one can, to overcome the grief. It is not direct like a history book.“ — Jonathan Perel

Source: https://www.latinolife.co.uk/articles/camuflaje-camouflage-2022-jonathan-perel


Jonathan Perel (* 1976) is a director and producer from Buenos Aires, where he also studied art at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature. In his documentaries, presented at festivals such as the Berlinale and FIDMarseille, he often returns to the Argentine dictatorship that marked his childhood.

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director: Jonathan Perel
producer: Pablo Chernov, Jonathan Perel
script: Jonathan Perel
photography: Joaquín Neira
editing: Pablo Mazzolo
sound design: Francisco Pedemonte
executive producer: Pablo Chernov
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