28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Koudelka Crossing the Same River
Koudelka Crossing the Same River
Koudelka Crossing the Same River
Koudelka Crossing the Same River
Koudelka Crossing the Same River

Koudelka Crossing the Same River

director: Coşkun Aşar
original title: Koudelka Crossing the Same River
country: Türkiye
year: 2021
running time: 80 min.


Over the last quarter century, Josef Koudelka, a prominent Czech photographer and member of the international agency Magnum Photos, has travelled many times in the footsteps of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and visited more than two hundred Hellenistic and ancient Roman cities. And this became the subject of his last big project Ruins. Turkish documentary filmmaker Coskun Asar captures the artist's epic journey across the Mediterranean and the individual photographs taken along the way, portraying with respect and humility an artist who seeks the absolute in his life, work, and philosophy as such.

“Everywhere you go, you are in a beautiful place. Contemporary people have built terrible things next to it, but to see it – quelle chance, quelle chance! I have to see all this beauty in the world.” (Josef Koudelka)


Turkish photographer and filmmaker Coskun Asar (b. 1974) graduated with a degree in radio, television and film production and media studies from Marmara University in Istanbul. He founded the production company Kozmo Film and is the author of the photobook Blackout – The Dark Side of Istanbul. In his works he often reflects on social isolation, poverty, and gender issues.

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director: Coşkun Aşar
producer: Coşkun Aşar
script: Coşkun Aşar, Ayhan Hacıfazlıoğlu
photography: Coşkun Aşar
editing: Ayhan Hacıfazlıoğlu
music: Gökçe Akçelik
sound design: Mustafa Durma
co-producer: Ayhan Hacıfazlıoğlu, Sevil Demirci, Dilde Mahalli, Eda Arikan
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