28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Kristos, the Last Child
Kristos, the Last Child
Kristos, the Last Child
Kristos, the Last Child
Kristos, the Last Child
Kristos, the Last Child

Kristos, the Last Child

director: Giulia Amati
original title: Kristos, the Last Child
country: Italy, France, Greece
year: 2022
running time: 90 min.


On the Greek island of Arki there are a thousand goats, but only thirty people. Among them is a single child, a boy named Kristos, who is just finishing his first year of primary school. In order to complete his primary education, he would have to go to another island to study, which his parents cannot afford. However, Kristos' teacher Maria is determined to do everything in her power. In this poetic observational documentary, a ten-year-old boy faces the dilemma of whether to stay on his native island and become a shepherd like his father and brothers, or venture into the unknown.

“This film has its roots in my childhood. My father was a passionate sailor and every year we sailed around the Aegean Sea. Out of all the Dodecanese, Arki became the island dearest to my heart. When my father died, I felt I had to go back and I was sad to learn that there was only one child left on the island, the only student at its small elementary school. Soon I realized that Kristos was the same age I was when I landed on the island for the first time. What does it mean to be totally alone and to grow up without a friend? I felt the desire to make a documentary about how life turned out for this child.” — Giulia Amati

Source: https://www.giornatedegliautori.com/en/program/kristos-the-last-child-eng/


French-Italian director and producer Giulia Amati studied philosophy and video production at New York University. Her documentaries, regularly screened at film festivals around the world, deal with political and social issues. She also lectures at universities and film workshops in Italy and other countries.

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director: Giulia Amati
producer: Quentin Laurent, Giulia Amati
photography: Carlos Muñoz Gómez-Quintero
editing: Evgenia Papageorgiou
music: Angelo Capozzi
sound: Manolis Makridakis
co-producer: Nancy Kokolaki, Nikos Moustakas
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