28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Healing Me
Healing Me
Healing Me
Healing Me
Healing Me

Healing Me

director: Tereza Tara
original title: Let viny
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 82 min.


Director Tereza Tara fell ill at the age of twenty-five. She captured her ten-year-long journey to recovery, which took her deep into the past and to the edge of the abyss, in the form of a personal and poetic video diary. With her weakened kidneys, she visited doctors, psychosomatic experts, and an alternative healer who urged her to surrender herself into the hands of God. Gradually, she began to see the condition of her dual organs as a reflection of her unbalanced relationship with her mother, her partner, and her own body. She finally understood that if she wanted to find a cure for her diseased kidneys and start living a better life, she needed to understand herself better first.

“I came to the conclusion that what I do is called holistic cinema. Because in most cases, it encompasses all aspects of life – those I observe, myself observing, and a wide range of contexts that are important to me.” (Tereza Tara)


Film director, producer, artist, and personal development coach Tereza Tara (1983) graduated from art history and documentary filmmaking. In her film Fish´n´Pills (2007) she drew attention to the harmful effects of hormonal contraception on the human body and nature. At the Ji.hlava festival, she also presented Kalado (2017), a film about the Japanese performance artist Sai Kijima.

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director: Tereza Tara
producer: Jan Bodnár, Jan Hubáček , Tereza Tara, Tomáš Šimon
script: Tereza Tara
editing: Črt Brajnik
sound: Viera Marinová
skladatel: Dalibor Habr
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