28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Summer and Winter
Summer and Winter
Summer and Winter
Summer and Winter

Summer and Winter

director: Robert Manson
original title: Summer and Winter
country: Germany, Ireland
year: 2023
running time: 40 min.


Families on a trip, people at work, festive parades, city streets, apartment interiors. Slides depicting everyday life in the former GDR serve as a visual basis for a reflective lyrical commentary consisting of excerpts from prose and essay works by James Joyce, George Orwell, Henry James, Joseph Conrad, F. Scott Fitzgerald or Virginia Woolf. Images of specific people, places and rituals – which we learn nothing of in greater detail – acquire timeless qualities thanks to extravisual reflections on mortality, fate or the imprint that we leave behind on this world, for example through photographs.

“Apparently one grows more carnal and more mortal. As one grows older, only youth has a taste of immortality.”


Director Robert Manson (1985) lives in both Ireland and Germany and is the founder of Ballyrogan Films. His feature debut Lost in the Living (2015) premiered at Achtung Berlin, winning the Best Director Award. His second film, the drama Holy Island (2021), has been screened at festivals in India, Spain and the USA.

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director: Robert Manson
cast: Naima Laube, Ben Plunkett-Reynolds
producer: Robert Manson
editing: Robert Manson
sound design: James Latimer
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