28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Elvis Lenić
original title: Brod
country: Croatia
year: 2023
running time: 65 min.


After more than 160 years of existence, one of the largest Croatian shipyards Uljanik is closing down. The place where ships of impressive size and importance were manufactured and then sailed away has been turned into an industrial graveyard for wrecks, dysfunctional cranes and abandoned workshops that once teemed with life. Through a collage of observational footage, however, we now observe the almost post-apocalyptic landscape of the site, which has become home to seagulls, sea creatures and hungry cats. How did Pula's originally important Austro-Hungarian shipping empire come to an end? The former glory of Uljanik and its road to extinction come alive in the memories of countless individuals, many of whom have dedicated their professional and private lives to Uljanik.

“Everyday I walk past Uljanik and think about those [past] scenes. I simply don’t want to remember this moment now.”


Film journalist and documentary filmmaker Elvis Lenić was born in 1971 in Pula. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Rijeka, worked at the Uljanik shipyard and currently teaches a group of mechanical engineering subjects at the Technical School in Pula. His short films are based on experimental and archival techniques and oral history. He is a regular contributor to the Glas Istre newspaper and the Croatian Film Chronicle.

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director: Elvis Lenić
producer: Dijana Cetina Mlađenović
editing: Matija Debeljuh
sound design: Bojan Kondres
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