28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Masterclass: Hilal Baydarov
Masterclass: Hilal Baydarov

Masterclass: Hilal Baydarov

original title: Masterclass: Hilal Baydarov
running time: 60 min.


This masterclass is supported by Creative Europe Desk CZ MEDIA.

I can never forget what the Master said – “Film like a dream, film like a music”. But nowadays, it is almost impossible to say that there is another kind of cinema existing. We are surrounded by films that tell the story or give a message about social life, political life, and so on. I just have one question – is it the limit of ourselves or the cinema? Maybe the cinema is much bigger than our vision? Maybe cinema has not yet been discovered?


Hilal Baydarov (* 1987) is an Azerbaijani representative of slow cinema. His original field of education is information technology. He studied film direction under Béla Tarr in Sarajevo. He has made four fiction and five documentary films. Birthday and One Day in Selimpasha have been screened at Ji.hlava IFDF 2018. His drama In Between Dying (2020) was nominated for the Golden Lion at Venice IFF.
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