28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Blending and Blinding
Blending and Blinding

Blending and Blinding

director: Richard Tuohy
original title: Blending and Blinding
country: Australia
year: 2018
running time: 11 min.


Strictly working with the film material inside the camera, Tuohy updates slowly forgotten approaches to create a collage of architectural geometries. The monolithic nature of the image blurs the outlines of the buildings as the film frame disintegrates into grids cutting through the layers of the image in multiple exposures. The buildings depicted represent the cultures of the three main ethnic groups of Malaysia.

"This film is dedicated to Paul Clipson and Robert Todd, both of whose works were specifically on my mind while filming this film in Malaysia in 2016." R. Tuohy



Richard Tuohy (1969), the founder of Australia’s international festival of experimental films, can trace his sensitive experimental language back to his experience working with raw film material. Overview of his wide-ranging career reveals a love for 8mm and 16mm film. He is also the founder of a specialized film development company, Nanolab, and operates the Artist Film Workshop dedicated to the creation of experimental films.

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director: Richard Tuohy
producer: Richard Tuohy
photography: Richard Tuohy
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