28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Marta Ramos, José Oliveira
original title: PAZ
country: Portugal
year: 2021
running time: 25 min.


The directing duo meets and talks to veterans of the Portuguese colonial war to record their memories, experiences, and feelings. But it’s not just about the storytelling – it’s about meeting and sharing them. The interviews are interspersed with archival footage, suggesting that the film is not just a nostalgic spectacle, but a reflection on war and the price of peace in general.

“There is a continuum, we are aware that, looking at history, peace is almost a utopia, and we took those images for one thing because it was the war that went on over the years and which seems to haunt us, which is very old and visceral.” — Marta Ramos

Source: https://comunidadeculturaearte.com/entrevista-jose-oliveira-e-marta-ramos-para-fazer-um-filme-tem-de-haver-um-compromisso-com-alguma-realidade/


Portuguese director, screenwriter, and editor José Oliveira (* 1982) graduated from the Porto Film School. In 2016, he founded a film club in his hometown of Braga and an organisation called ACINAC (Cinema in Action Association), which aims to attract young audiences to cinemas. With Marta Ramos, he also directed the feature films Sem Abrigo (2012), O Atirador (2013), and Guerra (2020), as well as several short films. Marta Ramos (* 1984) is a Portuguese architect, musician, and filmmaker. She is currently working on a film combining her interest in all three art forms, which focuses on the historic Gardunha cinema building in Fundão.

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director: Marta Ramos, José Oliveira
producer: José Oliveira, Marta Ramos, Daniel Pereira
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