28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Irene Dorigotti
original title: Across
country: Italy, Switzerland
year: 2023
running time: 77 min.


This autobiographical film, standing on the borderline between reality and fiction, explores diverse forms of faith and spirituality. Director Irene Dorigotti guides the film dressed in a Boy Scout uniform – a reminder of her family heritage – as she travels through her native Italy and remote areas, meeting spiritual leaders and ordinary people. For her, these encounters mark decisive moments in her spiritual journey and in her discovery of the role that religion can play in the life of contemporary man. Poetic images of landscapes, dreamlike passages and fragments of personal history, together with poignant music, create a powerful statement about the nature of humanity.

“I spent most of my childhood walking in the woods and sharing the path with other children, seeking a God in falling stars – a God who could answer the big questions of a little life.” (Source)


Irene Dorigotti (born 1988) studied anthropology and ethnology at the University of Bologna, followed by political science and cultural studies in Turin. She describes herself as a visual anthropologist and creates documentary films based on her ethnographic research. Her film Le Grand Reve (2022) was screened at the Trento Film Festival.

more about film

director: Irene Dorigotti
producer: Riccardo Annoni
script: Irene Dorigotti
editing: Enrico Giovannone
music: Enrico Ascoli
sound design: Giovanni Corona
co-producer: Antonio Prata
executive producer: Carlo Hintermann
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