27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Over the Forest
Over the Forest
Over the Forest
Over the Forest
Over the Forest

Over the Forest

director: Jacopo Marzi
original title: Oltre la foresta
country: Italy
year: 2022
running time: 8 min.


Hortence has been pregnant four times in her life and she is a mother of seven children. She takes good care of all of them, but four of them are wooden statuettes. According to voodoo, which counts as an official religion in Benin, twins dispose of a strange mystical power, which bestows on them almost a divine status. 

“Twins are reincarnation of the gods on Earth. They come into the world with an inexplicable mystical force.”


Jacopo Marzi (* 1994) acquired his education in film studies at the European Institute of Design (Instituto Europeo di Design) in Milan. He worked as an editor and director for Sky Italy. Then he directed a short documentary in collaboration with National Geographic. His first feature film Hymn from the Hive (2021) premiered at Astra film festival in Romania last year.

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director: Jacopo Marzi
producer: Jacopo Marzi
photography: Davide Bertuccio, Jacopo Marzi
editing: Jacopo Marzi
music: Serigne Maguette
sound design: Lorenzo Sattin
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