26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Nagnath Kharat
original title: Nagastyle
country: India
year: 2020
running time: 93 min.


A radical introspection and a film diary that leads us into the heart of a noisy Indian city and of a life stranded in shallow waters. A gifted artist, Nagnath aka Nagastyle, reflects his journey to make his dream come true based on the notes in his diary. His hopes for creative filmmaking are swiftly replaced by endless routines of early mornings, long travel on crowded buses and sitting around in an uninspiring office. The crises becomes a theme, the film becomes perhaps a means of therapy but above all a study of alienation served straight, unfiltered, with complete honesty and mundanity.
„With the help of two friends and sometimes I lonely shot during the work time. Four months' time for shooting and eight months for editing. For me this film like selfie…“ N. Kharat
Q&A with Nagnath Kharat:


Nagnath Kharat is an Indian poet and an independent filmmaker. He shot his short documentary debut Disad Dis (Day after Day, 2016) in the village where he was born, using a borrowed mobile phone. The film tells a story of 3 children who live in a region affected by severe droughts, and was met with high praise, receiving a number of awards in India and at festivals all over the world.

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director: Nagnath Kharat
cast: RAMCHANDRA KHARAT, GANESH PUND, MALAN KHARAT, Somanth Kharat, Rajabai Kharat, Ramkrushna Karande, Nagnath Kharat
producer: Nagnath Kharat
script: Nagnath Kharat
photography: Yogesh Jadhav, Nagnath Kharat
editing: Kumar Bhosale, Vidhyanand Kadukar, Nagnath Kharat
sound: Yogesh Jadhav, Dipak Shinde
koproducent: Marija Mastilo
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