28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Normal Love
Normal Love
Normal Love
Normal Love
Normal Love

Normal Love

director: Yannick Mosimann
original title: Normal Love
country: Switzerland
year: 2023
running time: 92 min.


Mike and Jeanne live together, spend their free time together, have sex – just about everything partners usually do. Except that at the beginning of their relationship, instead of mutual affection followed by gradual bonding, there is a legal contract. As contractual obligations, it lists some of the duties and rights that usually accompany the cohabitation of two people. The social experiment they both entered into with different expectations is the main theme of the film, which looks at the conflicting nature of emotions and reason in the web of interpersonal relationships. And it tries to answer the question: Is it possible to plan love just like a project with a set goal?

“By behaving like a part of an ordinary couple's life, Jeanne tries to fit into a heteronormative world in order to show its absurdity.”

Source: Leon Blog


Yannick Mosimann (1989) is a Swiss filmmaker, musician and photographer. He studied film at the University of Lucerne. His work also includes audiovisual installations and collaborations with other artists, mostly filmmakers and musicians. The themes of his work include the Anthropocene, cosmology and human perception.

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director: Yannick Mosimann
cast: Jeanne Spaeter, Mike Argiz
producer: Adrian Perez
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