28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Not that kind of guy
Not that kind of guy
Not that kind of guy
Not that kind of guy
Not that kind of guy

Not that kind of guy

director: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
original title: Ikke en sånn fyr
country: Norway
year: 2022
running time: 40 min.


Perpetrators of sexual assault tend to be portrayed as monsters. Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid, on the other hand, approaches them with empathy and an attempt to understand what led them to commit the crime. In her documentary, we follow a trio of men aged 20 to 27 who committed rape after a party. They face charges, trial, sentencing and eventual release. In the process, Morten, Benjamin and Kasper talk openly about their identity crisis, social stigma and suicidal thoughts. Faced with the director, herself a victim of an assault, they also realise how devastating an attack on someone's physical integrity can be.

“Identifying yourself with the term 'rapist‘ is really quite impossible.” (from Not That Kind of Guy)


Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid (1995) is a Norwegian filmmaker. She completed her MA in Film in Gothenburg in spring 2023. Her latest film Not That Kind of Guy won an honorable mention at the Bergen Film Festival. In the past she worked as a journalist for several Norwegian newspapers, where she gave space to rape survivors, among others.

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director: Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid
producer: Kristine Ann Skaret, Sarah Winge-Sørensen
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