26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Personal Life of a Hole
Personal Life of a Hole
Personal Life of a Hole
Personal Life of a Hole
Personal Life of a Hole

Personal Life of a Hole

director: Ondřej Vavrečka
original title: Osobní život díry
country: Czech Republic, Finland
year: 2020
running time: 62 min.


In the introduction to his atypical philosophical essay, Ondřej Vavrečka asks, “What is the world?” Is it at all possible to discover, understand and describe something that is so random and disconnected, so unanchored in space and time, as is the world of today? Is it not needless to look for sense or meaning where there is none? Therefore, rather than looking for fixed points, the filmmaker focused on holes and gaps, on inconsistency and imperfection – in nature, in culture, in love and in work. Together with scientists and philosophers, from Althusser to Žižek, he uses a lively, stylistically and thematically eclectic collage to explore how emptiness can be pondered.

Q&A with Ondřej Vavrečka, Alžběta Janáčková a Andrea Slováková:



Filmmaker, musician and artist Ondřej Vavrečka (b. 1980) attended a secondary school focused on programming, followed by studies at the Charles University Faculty of Humanities and FAMU. In his cryptic and open-ended films, such as Ultimum Refugium (2011, Ji.hlava IDFF 2011), The Interposed (2014, Ji.hlava IDFF 2014) and De Potentia Dei (2016, Ji.hlava IDFF), he explores the issues faced by the present-day world as well as the limits of what we can say about it with the help of available symbols and attributes.

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director: Ondřej Vavrečka
producer: Alžběta Janáčková
photography: Simon Todorov
editing: Anna Petruželová
sound Design: Jan Richtr
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