26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Island of the Sun
Island of the Sun
Island of the Sun
Island of the Sun

Island of the Sun

director: Lucas Parente, Rodrigo Lima
original title: Ilha do sol
country: Brazil
year: 2020
running time: 11 min.


The expressive dance and the land-art gesture on a desolate island rock draws a suggestive allusion to an iconic figure of Brazilian performance art – Luz del Fuego, a ballerina and striptease dancer performing with live snakes who was murdered on the island.


Rodrigo Lima is featured as editor of many Brazilian films, and he debuted as director by his film Para Eva (2010). Lucas Parente is involved in film and writing, and he has also participated in several performative projects. The collaboration of this Brazilian duo started on the film Calypso (2018), dealing with the topic of Book Five of Homer’s Odyssey.

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director: Lucas Parente, Rodrigo Lima
cast: Walter Reis
producer: Rodrigo Lima, Lucas Parente
photography: Pablo Hoffmann
music: André Parente
výkonný producent: Fernanda Romero, Jura Capela
výprava: Walter Reis
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