28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Pelvic Chain
Pelvic Chain
Pelvic Chain
Pelvic Chain

Pelvic Chain

director: Marie-Anna Šulc
original title: Pelvic Chain
country: Czech Republic
year: 2023
running time: 7 min.


A dream of the anarchy of nerves, muscles and tissues, gripped by the shell of institutions and prejudices, but also by the remedies used by contemporary medicine, materializes in a demonstration of the possibilities of controlling the robust machine of a motorcycle. The diary account of the vicissitudes of recovery and the struggle to reconnect with one's own body is also a reflection on the ability to accept and share pain.

“The homophobic shit of one of the paramedics is echoing throughout the ICU…”


Marie-Anna Šulc (born 1999) studies at the Center for Audiovisual Studies at FAMU. In her work, she focuses on feminist and queer perspectives with an emphasis on the question of identity. IDFF Ji.hlava presented her film Ncuh (2021).

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director: Marie-Anna Šulc
producer: Ondřej Šejnoha
photography: Luboš Hradec
sound: Martin Michálek
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