28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Tina Frank
original title: pliii
country: Austria
year: 2021
running time: 4 min.


The immersive, colorful imagery of this experimental film by Austrian creative Tina Frank draws us into the glow of a dimming lightbulb. This is, in turn, joined by an uncompromising soundtrack evoking an electrical discharge, which also became part of the digital album Get This: a tribute to composer of electronic works Peter Rehberg.

“Tina Frank, a close collaborator of musician Peter Rehberg, who passed away in 2021, has continued iii, their joint work from 1996, with pliii. The audio portion comes from General Magic, Rehberg’s colleagues. With the acoustic source material consisting of the high-frequency sounds of the LED lamp, the exploration of the intrinsic life of an everyday object is reminiscent of the legendary project Fridge Tracks, created in collaboration with Rehberg, in which the humming of refrigerators was declared to be music.” (Shilla Strelka)

Source: https://www.sixpackfilm.com/en/catalogue/2770/


Tina Frank (* 1979) is an Austrian artist and graphic designer who gives lectures at the University of Arts and Design in Linz. She is also the founder of graphic design companies U.R.L. and Design by Frank Scheikl. Her work can be characterized by short and formally daring films that make use of a distinct electronic sound.

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director: Tina Frank
producer: Tina Frank
music: General Magic
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