28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Drifting Woods
Drifting Woods
Drifting Woods
Drifting Woods
Drifting Woods

Drifting Woods

director: Pia Rönicke
original title: Drifting Woods
country: Sweden, Denmark
year: 2023
running time: 100 min.


Danish artist Pia Rönicke has been exploring Scandinavian forests as a changing historical and phenomenological space for several years. She draws inspiration from the concepts of ecologist Suzanne Simard, who sees the forest ecosystem as an arena where human and non-human life forms collide. Like the subterranean mycelium, this polyphonic film is not arranged hierarchically but in a network. In addition to the people connected to the forest and the land, it lets the trees themselves tell the story. Their non-linearly presented story begins at the end of the Ice Age and continues to the present day, when man has ripped the wood from its natural habitat and reduced it to an industrial commodity.

"The forest is dynamic. Clearings appear and new trees grow. Just like the cells in our body are not the same as last year, the forest is always changing." – Pia Rönicke

Source: BLOOM


Pia Rönicke (1974) is an artist based in Copenhagen. In her exhibitions presented around the world, she deals with issues such as space and spatial transformations in the context of distant history and everyday life. She utilizes film, graphics, sculptures and botanical collections. She often works with archives and the practice of collecting is another theme of her work.

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director: Pia Rönicke
producer: Pia Rönicke
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