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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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We Still Have to Close Our Eyes
We Still Have to Close Our Eyes

We Still Have to Close Our Eyes

director: John Torres
original title: We Still Have to Close Our Eyes
country: Philippines
year: 2019
running time: 13 min.


A compilation of behind-the-scenes footage shot while filming various Filipino films, including those of Lav Diaz and Erik Matti, creates a sense of quiet tension. In the style of slow narrations and in-depth observation, the film builds a dystopian sci-fi narrative of human avatars controlled by applications but is also a commentary on the various forms of contemporary Filipino cinema. 


“They say once a filmmaker becomes a parent, that person stops making films. The Remote Daddy Framework is a way for me to go out of the house to document in spurts of three hours to repurpose and make" J. Torres


John Torres (1975) focuses on changing perceptions and memory, and besides shooting his own footage also works with found material. His first European success was in Berlin in 2004. He is currently active as a director, teacher, and producer. Ji.hlava audiences have previously had the chance to his films People Power Bombshell (2017) and Lucas the Strange (2013).

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director: John Torres
producer: John Torres
editing: John Torres
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