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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Before the Collapse of Mont Blanc
Before the Collapse of Mont Blanc

Before the Collapse of Mont Blanc

director: Jacques Perconte
original title: Avant l’effondrement du Mont Blanc
country: France
year: 2020
running time: 16 min.


Dedicated to the eponymous Mont Blanc massif, the film is accompanied by the director Jacques Perconte’s burning question of whether we happen to be the very last people who will ever have the chance to see Mont Blanc’s summit. It’s all in response to the earth’s rising temperatures, which is causing glaciers to melt at a rapid pace. Perconte's work is unique in the sense that in revealing the inner strength and pulsation of what is seen on screen, he combines a plasticity that follows on the pictorial tradition inherited from painting and experimental film, with documentary film rooted in a specific space.
"In his works, Percote achieves a synthesis in which he finds a response to dialectical tension between the modern concept of techne and physis. These digits of the algorithm are part of the artistic environment, which is tense but also balanced at the same time." J. Sarmiento Hinojosa

This film is not a part of the competition.

Q&A with the director Jacques Perconté:



Currently one of the main figures in the French digital art and avant-garde film scene, Jacques Perconte (1974) characterises himself as a visual artist. In his work, he focuses mainly on the landscape where he examines our cultural and technical relationship with nature. The Jihlava Festival have presented his films Chuva (Madeira) (2012), Les Moutiers (2012), Árvore da Vida (Madeira) (2013), L (2014), Ettrick (2015), Save (My heart from the world) (2016), Vingt neuf minutes en mer (2016), Albâtre (2018), Or / Or, Hawick, may 18 (2018).

more about film

director: Jacques Perconte
producer: Jacques Perconte
music: Jacques Perconte
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