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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Pripyat Piano
Pripyat Piano
Pripyat Piano
Pripyat Piano

Pripyat Piano

director: Eliška Cílková
original title: Pripyat Piano
country: Czech Republic
year: 2020
running time: 18 min.


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An audiovisual elegy to a place abandoned by people, where all that remains are sounds trapped in crumbling pianos. The Chernobyl tragedy left behind a unique, tragic space, a long-forbidden zone. Traces of recent settlement are ubiquitous, released at the mercy of time and the effects of nature. Outside the realm of mere visual and haptic experiences, a documentary is released calling for the return of man as a creator and performer to continue their fatally cut-off work. In poems and songs composed by the original inhabitants of Pripyat, we can hear that a strong connection between people and their home persists.

Q&A with the filmmakers Eliška Cílková (director) and Jindřich Andrš (producer):


Eliška Cílková (1987) is a composer and documentary filmmaker. She studied classical music both at home in the Czech Republic and abroad. She has presented her films Dare nativitatis (2017) and The Modern-day Robin Hood (2017) at Ji.hlava. For Pripyat Piano (2019), she won the award for the best Central and Eastern European documentary at the Silver Eye market in 2019 in the short film category.

more about film

director: Eliška Cílková
producer: Jindřich Andrš
photography: Tomáš Frkal
editing: Eliška Cílková
music: Eliška Cílková
sound: Miroslav Chaloupka
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