26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Proof of Memory
Proof of Memory
Proof of Memory
Proof of Memory

Proof of Memory

director: Yosuke Kawata
original title: Proof of Memory
country: Japan
year: 2017
running time: 10 min.


Visual memories collected during the first year after the filmmaker’s graduation from university, altered using computer graphics to create disconnected particles of overlapping scenes showing various forms of depression from burnout, relationship crises, and a lack of physical and mental strength.

"Feelings that are impossible to be expressed by words can be shown through a camera or a computer." Y. Kawata


Japanese experimental filmmaker Yosuke Kawata (1992) studied film and computer graphics at the prestigious Tohoku University. He has been making films since 2012, with a particular focus on the relationship between computer-generated images and reality. He has been searching for new forms of visual expression since his time at university. His films are always based on real images, especially of animals or nature, which are subsequently digitally manipulated.

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director: Yosuke Kawata
producer: Yosuke Kawata
photography: Yosuke Kawata
editing: Yosuke Kawata
music: Yosuke Kawata
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