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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Jakub Wagner
original title: RINO
country: Czech Republic
year: 2015
running time: 95 min.


Karel Köcher is supposedly the most important communist agent to infiltrate the CIA. There are few reliable sources as to his activities, and so the filmmakers aim their camera primarily at the main protagonist. The result is an unconventional portrait that tells us more about a man living a double life than about any sensationalized spy activities. The mystery surrounding his actions also envelopes Köcher the individual: it is difficult to figure out what is going through the mind of someone so perfectly in control and capable of beating a lie detector.

“People will say, ‘Oh well, you learned to lie so how can we believe you?’ But it’s not like that, you see? When you lie for a reason, that doesn’t mean that you are a liar by nature. It’s a technical matter.”


Jakub Wagner is a graduate of the Department of Documentary Films at FAMU. He has made music videos, short films and documentaries, and focuses primarily on documentary portraits. The Jihlava IDFF has previously shows his films Jan Kaplický: A Profile (2004), Tales of the Lesser Quarter 130 Years Later (2011), Váňa (2012) and Family Business (2014).

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director: Jakub Wagner
producer: Richard Malatinský, Petr Kubica
script: Richard Malatinský, Vladimír Ševela
photography: Viktor Smutný
editing: Šimon Hájek
music: Ondřej Anděra
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