28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Rosinha and Other Wild Animals
Rosinha and Other Wild Animals
Rosinha and Other Wild Animals
Rosinha and Other Wild Animals
Rosinha and Other Wild Animals

Rosinha and Other Wild Animals

director: Marta Pessoa
original title: Rosinha e Outros Bichos do Mato
country: Portugal
year: 2023
running time: 101 min.


A historical documentary conceived as a discussion of history and method of production – this is one way to interpret the film about the Portuguese Colonial Exhibition, held in Porto in 1934. From archival print and video material, a pair of researchers piece together a picture of an event officially presented as a showcase of the southern European country's foreign achievements. However, with the hindsight of more than 70 years, the clearly racist dimension of the event stands out. The objectification of the gaze of the passing visitors on the titular Rosinha and other forcibly imported members of African ethnic groups finds a parallel in the operation of zoos, museums and similar institutions.

“The titular Rosinha is a Guinean native who became the symbol of the first Portuguese Colonial Exhibition presented by the Estado Novo in 1934. A trip to the past to better understand the present.”

Source: IndieLisboa International Film Festival


Marta Pessoa (1974) is a Portuguese film director, cinematographer and producer. In her documentaries, she explores painful points in Portugal's modern history – whether it be life under totalitarian regimes, the troubled fates of prominent female figures, or her country's colonial past.

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director: Marta Pessoa
cast: Binete Undonque, Paulo Pinto
producer: Marta Pessoa
script: Rita Palma, Marta Pessoa
photography: Aurélio Vasques
editing: Rita Palma
sound: Miguel Lima
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