28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Shanghai Quarantopia
Shanghai Quarantopia
Shanghai Quarantopia
Shanghai Quarantopia
Shanghai Quarantopia
Shanghai Quarantopia

Shanghai Quarantopia

director: Clarissa Zhang
original title: 海春
country: Malaysia
year: 2023
running time: 13 min.


How has the coronavirus epidemic transformed everyday life in Shanghai? The world seems to have gone black and white. New routines are replaced by often harrowing and bleak intertwining stories, public announcements or cries for help. The director observes these from the shelter of her home, but even this, as a result of isolation, no longer evokes a sense of safe haven.

“Over the past two months, my camera witnessed my everyday routines locked in this place. This place seems exactly like my home, but something feels strange here.” — Clarissa Zhang


Clarissa Zhang is an independent producer and director. She studied screenwriting and directing at the Shanghai Film Art Academy and graduated from the Berlinale Talents and Tokyo Talents film programs. She is currently working on her feature documentary debut When Clouds Gather.

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director: Clarissa Zhang
producer: Yve Vonn Lee
script: Clarissa Zhang
music: Warong Rachapreecha
sound: Lijie Cheng
sound design: Warong Rachapreecha
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