27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Out in Force
Out in Force
Out in Force
Out in Force
Out in Force
Out in Force
Out in Force

Out in Force

director: Martin Mareček
original title: Síla
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 91 min.


The desire to achieve the greatest physical strength and moments of complete lack of mental strength define the life of film critic Kamil Fila during the filming of this atypical time-lapse documentary. The necessary moment of observation is broken in a longer period of time by the protagonist’s attempts to bring his life into harmony with the people closest to him, which, nevertheless, regularly lead to failure. The result is a portrait of an intellectual at his wits’ end, a man who struggles with the limits of rationalisation. It is precisely the openness with which Fila lets us peer into the depths of his private life that has a therapeutic effect not only for him but also for the viewer.

„Five years ago I was approached by a production company if I was interested in making a time-lapse film about the critic Kamil Fila and his then project of personal transformation. It was such a strange offer that I accepted.“ (Martin Mareček)


Interview with Martin Mareček and Kamil Fila:



Q&A with Martin Mareček:



Martin Mareček (1974) is a Czech documentary filmmaker, film teacher and script editor. He was a co-founder of several social initiatives – Letokruh, Jednotka, Auto*Mat – and has also worked as a musician. His documentaries Dust Games (2001), The Source (2005), Auto*Mate (2009), and Solar Eclipse (2011) have been screened at the Jihlava IDFF.

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director: Martin Mareček
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