26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Tea Lukač
original title: Pripadnost
country: Serbia
year: 2020
running time: 49 min.


At the initiative of the Austrian Empress, Maria Theresa, ethnic Germans began settling in the Danube basin from the 18th century. In many Eastern European countries, they lived together with the locals up until World War II when their Germanness became a pretext for violence that only a tenth of its victims survived. This captivating journey into recent history revisits the silent trauma through a series of painful memories of witnesses who hover over the question of whether belonging to a nation means being held accountable for the acts that have been committed on its behalf. Their voices emerge from behind the visual band of witnesses to these events – houses with paint chipping off, the cold landscape, and abandoned and forgotten cemeteries.
“The question of belonging is universal – it consists of the desire to define oneself in relation to others. It is also something that we did not choose. It is a primary need, but also a fleeting, fragile, and – depending on the context – convincing idea.” T. Lukač


Young Serbian director Tea Lukač(1989) already has a number of remarkable documentaries under her belt that map the contradictory mentality of the people of former Yugoslavia. After completing her bachelor's degree at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, she received an award for outstanding academic achievement. Since earning her master’s degree with her thesis film, Most Important Boy in the World (2016), about the dreams and reality of the biggest Justin Bieber fan in the Balkans, she is now pursuing her doctorate at the Academy.

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director: Tea Lukač
producer: Goran Bjelogrlić
script: Tea Lukač
photography: Staša Bukumirović
music: Boris Zaborski
sound: Boris Zaborski
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