28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Or / Or, Hawick, may 18
Or / Or, Hawick, may 18
Or / Or, Hawick, may 18
Or / Or, Hawick, may 18

Or / Or, Hawick, may 18

director: Jacques Perconte
original title: Or / Or, Hawick, may 18
country: France
year: 2018
running time: 9 min.


In the middle of the Teviot River in Scotland, the filmmaker saw a color in the sky like in the paintings of Gustav Klimt. He translates his amazement at this moment into fluid patterns of a digitally decomposed scene, all the way to its radical ending when the variously colored grids flowing on the screen like a calm horizon again dissolve into Klimt’s golden color.

"Making films is opening my heart and letting the magical powers of life shine in my imagination to merge them in images. I try to thrill those who watch colour and time flow in my films." J. Perconte



Jacques Perconte (1974) is a leading figure in the French experimental scene and a pioneer of internet art. He works with decomposition of digital images using compression algorithms and codecs; his work blurs the boundary between film and fine art. The Ji.hlava IDFF premiered his films Patrias (2017) and Twenty-Nine Minutes at Sea (2017). 


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director: Jacques Perconte
producer: Jacques Perconte
photography: Jacques Perconte
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