28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time

The Fire This Time

director: Mariam Ghani
original title: The Fire This Time
country: United States
year: 2022
running time: 21 min.


This film applies historic data to link the recent epidemic with migration, colonization and xenophobia in order to create a context for the events in the world struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. Using voice-over and collages of archival videos, photos and newspapers, a story of recurring models of human behaviour at times of crises is told, revealing an unfavourable basis of so-called civilization.

“So we should be thinking about outbreaks as somehow metaphorically reminding us of the social disorder that we need to address.” (Patricia J. Williams)


Mariam Ghani (* 1978) is an Afghani-American visual artist, photographer, filmmaker and activist. She graduated from New York University and School of Visual Arts. In her projects, she deals with socio-political issues. She also works as a journalist and lecturer.

more about film

director: Mariam Ghani
producer: Kristen Fitzpatrick, Mariam Ghani
script: Emily Eberhart, Mariam Ghani
editing: Emily Eberhart
sound design: Stephen McLaughlin
co-producer: Alysa Nahmias
executive producer: Charlotte Cook
skladatel: Qasim Naqvi
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