26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Refugees Are Welcome Here
Refugees Are Welcome Here
Refugees Are Welcome Here
Refugees Are Welcome Here
Refugees Are Welcome Here

Refugees Are Welcome Here

director: Tomáš Rafa
original title: Refugees Are Welcome Here
country: Slovakia
year: 2020
running time: 97 min.


"Open the borders," chant democratically-minded people in Berlin and frustrated refugees behind the barbed wire of makeshift camps. Encounters with empathic volunteers and clashes with repressive state forces and hostile ultra-right citizens are woven together in a crooked trajectory. The director focuses on the dramatic atmosphere of the unenviable presence and uncertain future of the refugees through direct immersion into emotionally tense events. Without hijacking events with commentary or standing in the position of a distant witness, the film allows the viewer to become a direct participant in the path to freedom through in-your-face camera work.
"When you're filming between ultra-right groups, the most important thing is to act as if you belong there and keep calm. I don’t take part in the discussion, I record their statements because they want me to, I never ask them questions. T. Rafa


Artist, photographer and director Tomáš Rafa (1979) studied at the Academy of Arts in Bánská Bystrica (Slovakia) and Warsaw. Since 2009, he has been documenting growing nationalism and neo-fascism in the former Visegrad region. In his native Slovakia, he is involved in the transformation of "sports walls" surrounding Roma communities into street art galleries. Since 2015, he has focused on a European solution to the refugee crisis. His projects have been on display at the Prague and Berlin Biennials as well as the MoMa PS1 Gallery in New York.

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director: Tomáš Rafa
producer: Združenie Art Aktivista
photography: Tomáš Rafa
editing: Tomáš Rafa
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