26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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utopia 360°
utopia 360°
utopia 360°

utopia 360°

director: Violena Ampudia Rodriguez
original title: utopía 360°
country: Cuba
year: 2020
running time: 6 min.


Points of light, volatile images of a computer screen and motherboard, faces hidden behind virtual reality goggles, voices chopped into fragments that bring Cuba's past, colonisation, and revolution to the fore… all these elements help paint a picture of the virtual reality game, Utopia 360. Two young Cuban gamers test out this VR experience where, through a series of flashes and snippets, the spectator becomes the architect who controls the overall course of the game.


Cuban director Violena Ampulia (1993) studied directing at the Department of Media and Audiovisual Communication at the University of the Arts in Havana. She is currently studying documentary directing at the International School of Film and Television. Her previous films include Roma (2017), Tilín Tilín (2016), and La cabeza dentro del agua (2015). 

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director: Violena Ampudia Rodriguez
producer: Marllory Lorena Quio Valdivia
editing: Emilia Vergara
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