27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Prison with Songbirds
Prison with Songbirds
Prison with Songbirds
Prison with Songbirds

Prison with Songbirds

director: Ewan Macbeth
original title: Prison with Songbirds
country: Netherlands, United Kingdom
year: 2022
running time: 12 min.


In an unspecified totalitarian country, a man is apprehended. After 110 days of suffering in prison, he's released, and hitchhikes out of the country. The film consists of descriptions of real-life events and stylized staged shots, to question the oppression inflicted onto the innocent by the state.

Prison with Songbirds is a documentary and fiction hybrid in which dream-nightmare and digital-celluloid collide.”

Source: https://ewanmacbeth.com/Prison-with-Songbirds-2022


Ewan Macbeth (* 1992) is a Scottish artist based in Rotterdam. In his photographs and film installations, he explores the relationship between the state and the propaganda machine in Western society. His works alternate between documentary footage and staged scenes, such as in I Declared a Thumb War (2020) and Divided Together (2018).

more about film

director: Ewan Macbeth
cast: Ewan Macbeth, Mathieu Wijdeven, Ugo Petronin
producer: Salvador Miranda, Ewan Macbeth
script: Ewan Macbeth, Jonathan Mitchell
photography: Christiaan van Leeuwen, Abel van Dijk
editing: Lotte Louise de Jong, Ewan Macbeth
sound Design: Filip Degernäs
výprava: Ella Gerritssen, Marcus van Binsbergen
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