28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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East Wind
East Wind
East Wind
East Wind

East Wind

director: Maia Gattás Vargas
original title: Viento del este
country: Argentina
year: 2023
running time: 74 min.


A strong east wind brings snow, rain and also memories of her father. Only a few objects, newspaper clippings and diary entries make him present. But Maia would like to know him better, to piece together a complete portrait from the fragments. For this reason, she leaves Argentina, the land of her home, and travels to the West Bank, where her absent parent comes from. But at first she finds only more ruins, the remains of houses destroyed by the Israeli occupiers. As slowly as the calm sea ripples, the author's pilgrimage to her roots turns into an encounter with an entire nation that has been stripped of its home. The shared experience of loss helps her to fill the empty space in her heart.

“When you had the accident, mom left eight blank pages in her diary. There is a gap from September 19 to September 27, 1986.”


Maia Gattás Vargas (1986) is an audiovisual artist and researcher from Buenos Aires. She studied contemporary Latin American art and communication sciences. She also lectures on media and cultural theory. Her artwork deals with the relationship between art, science, landscape, nature and colonial history. East Wind is her first feature film.

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director: Maia Gattás Vargas
producer: Marcelo Burd
script: Maia Gattás Vargas, Sophie França, Marcelo Burd
photography: Maia Vargas
editing: Sophie França
music: Marisa Di Giambatista
sound design: Andrés Perugini
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