28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Invention of Beauty
Invention of Beauty
Invention of Beauty

Invention of Beauty

director: Marek Najbrt, Pavel Klusák
original title: Vynález krássy
country: Czech Republic
year: 1994
running time: 22 min.


Mr. Krása’s not your ordinary country farmer – he’s also a DIY-er and amateur inventor. When reporters come to interview him one day while in the middle of mowing his lawn and gathering chicken eggs, he introduces them to his inventions: a lawnmower, a cooling oven, and most notably his singing robot Karel, who’s managed to take over the world with his infectious songs. A film grotesque and mockumentary about the origin of a Czech music legend.


A graduate of the Department of Documentary Film at FAMU, Marek Najbrt (1969) is a Czech director and screenwriter. He is noted for his many feature-length films and television series. Czech music publicist Pavel Klusák (1969) studied screenwriting and dramaturgy at FAMU. His work is published in books and magazines, and he’s a frequent collaborator with Czech Radio.

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director: Marek Najbrt, Pavel Klusák
script: Marek Najbrt, Pavel Klusák
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